Saturday, January 3, 2015

Quarter Age Mumbles: It's twenty fifteen! #2015


Grabbing this unusual of 'me time' at the very few days of 2015. Alhamdulillah that Allah bestowed me with the chance to breath in the brand new oxygen. So this is the first entry of the year for me! Clap..clap! Couldn't be so sure whether there will be next entry after this, but Allah knows. 

So, how old is me already? Ahaaa.. It's pretty easy on how to remind myself about my age, look at the last digit of the particular year. This 2015 has put myself on the 25th of the unknown timeline. See, that makes a quarter to 100. Did I make it too obvious? Yes Akmar, you are. Feeling so thankful for this chance to live. By the way, I wonder who is still spending their time reading blogs and do the writing in a year where people running their life to be as 'short-sweet-simple' as possible. Anyone? Anyone still practicing the correct spelling in every conversation? If yes, you are one in a million. Pat yourself for me.

Now I am taking a step back and rethink. It would be great if I could continue blogging here disregard the feeling of insecurity I always have. I should enjoy my interest in writing! (Despite all the unfinished stories written on my notes) I guess the process of reflecting my life so far becoming too personal when I chose not to save them in words. Keep the private parts privated they said. I mean to write something meaningful and more on knowledge base piece of writings (could i really do that?) rather than the feelings feel-like-vomitting kinda things. Cheer me, please? 

However, the pros of not sharing the thought is I could easily let go things to tame my pride. To  keep everything inside, to burst it slowly secretly instead of trying to compress my thought on twitter, i did sometimes. It also hard to restrict my self from being too reflective on FB and can't help myself being too carefree in sharing random things that I think are funny. Funny? that sounds ridiculous. On top of that, to write some serious matters will eventually lead to more confusion I dare not to involve. Will this year be my debut year of becoming more expressive? Please excuse me. 

Just before I started a new post, I walked down the memory lane reading few of my words that are vomitted out of my unpredictable life. Not that complicated actually, just the way I wrote was too childish, too emotional, too diversed. How I missed those moments, I admit they have became so special now. I actually cannot tell by the topic, they were complicated, unpredictable and random. Since when did I learn to be focus about anything? Never. Woman writes to clear her head, remember? Blog is invented for that I believe. Can't wait to write and read my own stories. Haha! 

Till then, I wish everyone a blisful and meaningful year cherished with smiles, showered with abundant of blessings from Allah and may this year be the year we become a better servant to Allah, wiser, thoughtful, working diligently, eat healthily, and able to perform better deeds. Let us be a better human that never forget where we came from and to where we heading to at the end. 

13 Rabiulawal 1436H

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