Thursday, February 11, 2016

Welcoming Little Us

Allahuakbar! Blessing and mercy of Allah to us all. Aamin~ 

I want to write how much blessed my life is right now. I skipped lots of significant phase of my life, and jump to another new beginning. Allahuakbar! Wal Hamdalillah.. I couldn't thank Allah better to stand at this point. I try not to make things public to take care of my own intentions and people's out there might not feel right. Give me chance to share my inside out here.

Allahuakbar! Alhamdulillah.. Been married for not even half of a year, truly happy and blessed and now I can't wait for the little us. Ya Allah, what I've done to received so much love from Him? I am truly sinful and weak..yet I received so much I can't believe I should. 

I feel very sorry to share this even I am in concious of people at my surrounding. I always think of the not-yet-fortunate or I better say that miracles works differently for some people especially those struggling to have kids and those looking for spouses. May Allah shower them with rezeki to have kids and get married to the best man in the world. Aamin. 

Can't lie that I am truly excited for this little one. MasyaAllah..the feeling of carrying another living soul in my tummy is beyond what words can describe. I am almost 22weeks pregnant, blessed with a loving husband, my all-time supportive family members, caring bestfriends and colleague. I couldn't ask for more.. Alhamdulillah. 

Back to our little bundle of joy, at this stage we could actually know what gender it is to bring more excitement as I wish for. My baby starts kicking at his 17th week that almost brought me to tears. I feel very pregnant! Hihi We went for our first baby check up at then but this little bun decided not to show us. It gave us more nerve and butterflies, it won't let mommy and daddy start shopping just yet I guess. 

So, we planned to have another check up and scanning for the baby gender on my 6th month pregnancy in two weeks time. Wish us luck this time. Mommy and daddy need to decide on your name, darling. So mommy daddy can start calling you for real then *wink*  Mommy Daddy love you, honey! Be strong for us.

Much love for Little Baby H, 
02.40 a.m Fri 12/02/16
Baby's kicking inside :D 

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